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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

irish writers

NOTE: This is part of my series on alternative ways of thinking about the Irish for Saint Patrick's Day. That is, the Irish are the storytellers, poets and wits of the English language and yet for some reason on the day that we celebrate the Irish we don trucker hats and t-shirts with moronic slogans like: "Drink Til Yer Green"; "Irish Drinking Team"; "Irish I was Drunk"; "Kiss/Spank/Fight/Bite/Blow Me I'm Irish" or any other variation on that theme including the (I kid you not) historically idiotic "Kiss Me I'm English." [fyi: my shop has items with book of kells images if you feel like getting festive for St P Day you have through the weekend to order something from my shop (it takes several days for them to print the items plus delivery).]

a few resources on irish writers:

philip casey's IWO [irish writer's online] : a concise dictionary of irish writers

CELT : corpus of electronic texts

Voice of the Shuttle Ireland links:
General Resources in Irish Lit.

Samuel Beckett
James Joyce
George Bernard Shaw
William Butler Yeats
missing: Oscar Wilde (inexcusable) and Arthur Synge
International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures

Island Ireland: Irish Literature

Luminarium Irish Links

The Celtic Quill

I will be posting individual blogs on individual modernist Irish writers in the following days, starting with Oscar Wilde.

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