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Thursday, February 22, 2007

n+1 + gawker = lol

Gawker, one of my favorite web sites, has been filling in where the NYT Book Review and the NYRB fail, offering reviews of small literary magazines. Well, of one small literary magazine: the new issue of N+1, the lit journal to end all lit-journals:
"The Intellectual Situation is back, and it's the most generally accessible one to date--that is, it's less about literary culture and more about day-to-day life and technology (in other words, email, cell phones, blogs, and porn). It kind of opens out from those things into a general condemnation of everything on the planet.
. . .
The name of the issue is Decivilizing Process. That's where we're at."
That's how n+1 describe themselves. Like shooting fish in a barrel, it is. But somebody has to step up and do it and nobody can do it better than Gawker:

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